Our Mission

Microtronics is a team of professionals with a unique combination of skills, singly focused on providing the finest photomasks at a reasonable cost to our customers. As a team, we are multi-disciplinary, interdependent and diversely unified by mutual respect and a deeply rooted belief that different points of view are a key to achieving excellence beyond expectations. In that respect, we constantly work to expand our horizons and refine the parameters of future achievement.

We see ourselves as partners with our clients and with the community in which we function. Their success is our success. Our relationships are built on trust, which is earned over time, by performance and practices that reflect the highest level of integrity. We seek to sustain an environment in which individual initiative is encouraged, where technology and traditional skills are creatively melded to provide solutions that could otherwise be out of reach, in a workplace that is both enjoyable and productive.

Although the product is the end result of our combined dedication and energy, and the tangible confirmation of our unique skill sets, the process through which results are achieved is equally prized. The ultimate measure of our success, as individual professionals and as a company, is how well we meet our client's needs.

Regardless of tag lines and buzzwords that we hear and read about, the true litmus test is achieving a high standard of excellence in the least amount of time, whether you're a large semiconductor manufacturer or a university student.

Microtronics "Corporate Strategic Objective" is to provide our Clients with the products and services that meets their expectations. Our process will be qualified by the quality of the tangible deliverables and quantified by the timeliness of the process - all meeting your expectations.

At Microtronics we fully realize and respect your rights to your intellectual properties. Often our clients are moving swiftly because of market demands. Your rights are respected and preserved at Microtronics. All of our employees sign a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement before they are hired. Frequently we receive non-disclosures from clients before reviewing their project. Clients non-disclosures are carefully reviewed and signed by a senior person. Like you, we need to preserve our rights. You should know, we will only sign non-disclosures whose sole purpose is to protect your property rights.

No visitors are permitted through our Photomask shop unescorted. If we are developing a product for a competitor of the visiting client, they will not be permitted to tour our facilities. No photographs are permitted in our shop facilities by either a visitor or our employees.

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